Key Largo Says Dead Animals Due to Santeria

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Josh Gore, reporter for Florida Keys News–Islamorada/Key Largo Free Press, published a story on April 2nd titled, “Authorities: Dead animals could be linked to Santeria,” after dead animals were found in a canal in the Port Largo Villa’s:

More than two dozen birds, including chickens, and at least one goat body was found in the Port Largo Villa’s canal, according to property officials.

“This was really freaking out our guests,” said manager Marcy Myers.

Two weekends in March, Myers was alerted by patrons that animals’ bodies were floating up near the docks. In one instance, the body had been placed in plastic bags. She suggested the actions could be linked to Santeria, a religious practice that employs the sacrifice of live animals.

Is this truly the actions of Santería practitioners? Many sources, including this BBC article about the Lukumi religion, state that animal sacrifices are typically consumed.

Check out a recent post on the Wild Hunt blog about blood sacrifice in the Neo-Pagan and polytheist communities.

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  1. Cosette says:

    In the original article, Amanda Margraves, the center’s property manager, says, “It’s really disgusting. I hope it’s not coming down here.” I wonder if Margraves would find it less disgusting if the animals were cooked and served on her plate, or is the condo resort she works at a vegan institution?

  2. Christopher Blackwell says:

    I e-mailed this comment:

    Authorities: Dead animals could be linked to Santeria

    I think smearing a minority religion is a harsh thing to do when there is no evidence as to why these animals were killed. Religions that sacrifice animals also routinely serve those animals up as feasts to the believers. They do not toss the dead animal bodies to be left out to gross out the public. I suggest instead you have some sadistic people that need to be found and that this has nothing to do with any religion.

    I might also point out that their killing method of animals is a lot gentler than how the cow you ate as a steak was killed at the slaughter house Yet I doubt most people give a damn as to how the animals they ate were treated while being raised or slaughtered. Why this wide open hyprocracy i the matter of death for animals that are consumed.

    I suggest that the rumor mill be shut down and simply say some dead animal bodies were found and leave off the speculation until thee is some actual evidence to back it up. Even that information should be shown in a court of law rathe than doing trial by public media. Let us not fan the flames of fear of religions that we may not personally understand, nor stereotype and create harm to people not even proven to have done anything wrong.

    As a boy I have killed a chicken or two for supper. How I would have hated to see how your newspaper would have reported that.



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