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After news broke about Temple of Earth Gathering (TEG) Board of Directors confirming Gavin & Yvonne Frost as guests at the upcoming Florida Pagan Gathering Festival, concerned members of the Florida Wiccan and Pagan community acted quickly and drafted a joint resolution, the full text of which follows below.

The Joint Resolution to FPG Board Facebook page appeared on April 2nd. In less than five days, page activity surpassed 400 likes.

“As attendees of the Florida Pagan Gathering (FPG) for many years, members of the Florida and national Pagan communities, and concerned allies of the pagan community, we express our collective concern over the decision to have Gavin and Yvonne Frost as workshop presenters at the 2014 Beltane Florida Pagan Gathering. We love FPG and see it as a true community-built and driven event.  For those reasons the pagan community must have the ability to provide feedback and be heard on what teachers we put forward to instruct new seekers, our children, and ourselves.

On April 1st, 2014 we learned that Gavin and Yvonne Frost will once again be attending FPG and presenting workshops. This information was not made public but was shared by a concerned member of the FPG staff.

In the 1970’s the Frosts published material advocating the sexual initiation of children into the Craft. Not only have the Frosts refused to recant this advocacy, they have affirmed it, republishing these materials and sharing their position in subsequent interviews and workshops.

Since their original publication these ideas have been viewed as bizarre and unrepresentative of most traditions of the Craft. Today the pagan community is strong enough to speak with one voice when we condemn the abuse of our divinely granted sexuality. To teach that sexual submission by minors is required for initiation is a felony and does not honor the integrity of modern Paganism, our Ancestors, nor the Old Gods. 

A movement has sprung up in the last couple of days among FPG attendees to request that the FPG Board of Directors disallow the Frosts from presenting workshops at Florida Pagan Gathering. Despite numerous personal emails to the board, requests for refunds of registration fees, concerns expressed via the festival Facebook page, etc. the BoD has thus far responded by deflection without addressing the issue at hand. They first deleted discussion from their public Facebook page and then blocked posts all together.

We stand together, as modern Pagans, to urge the FPG Board to listen to our concerns and to help host and foster discussion about this critical issue.  We call for a removal of the Frosts as presenters at FPG and a ban on any distribution or vending of their materials.  It’s past time that our beloved community take a stand against those who advocate abuse. Silence = complicity. The FPG Board has an opportunity to confront a critical issue in our community and our society.  Be leaders who reject all forms of abuse beginning with this very issue! Speak out against those who would advocate the manipulation of sexuality for spiritual growth and especially those who would victimize our youngest members of the Craft.” 


  1. Ejay says:

    Its been brought to my attention thd following:

    1. That PNC Floridas writers afe biased because there main contributors are tbe folks who spearheaded this witch war.

    2. That the staff person who “broke the news” received tbe Frosts workshop info back in January and waited almost 2 months before letting anyone know. Why wait?

    3. That the people who have spearheaded this are aware that the Frosts have been attending and giving workshops at FPG for years and have been aware of what they wrote and have only changed their attitued due to resent events with a confessed pedophile in the pagan community.

    4. That only 5 members of FPG staff have cancelled and 4 of those 5 people are related to eachother. Seems like an exaggeration to me.

    • Amber says:

      I am related to no one on the staff. I do not write for PNC. I became aware of what they published in full on April 1…when I decided to educate myself. Nice deflecting generalizations. Who are you? Who are you related to? What have you read about the Frosts from their own books?

    • Christopher Blackwell says:

      Sexual innitiation of teenage boys and girls is not consider either legal nor moral in any witchcraft tradtion that I know of. Considering how much trouble we have with some sexual predators doing it and claiming it is Wiccan, I think people in the Wiccan community have every reason to wonder about the Frosts. They still avocate this, they have not reputiated it so they have set themselves up in this position.

  2. Rayna Templebee says:

    Hi Ejay,

    1. I’ll let the PNC writers speak for themselves. This blog just reports whats happening on Facebook…there’s hardly an opinion in sight.
    2. I think there has been some healthy discussion of the Frosts’ attendance at FPG over many years, not just months. As you say, they have been there in the past, many times. But despite complaints they keep coming back…
    3. Which leads me to three. The point is not that the Frosts are coming to FPG for the first time. You are absolutely correct that the recent arrest of KKlein has opened a wound in many of us, especially those of us who are close to people he victimized. Or who considered him a friend, like me. We are raw and hurting that someone who we cared for turned out to be so broken and dangerous, that we looked the other way despite warnings and even first hand information. The Frosts set themselves up for being a lightening rod–they arent hiding their weird form of sexual exploitation. They published it over and over and never offered to recant or change what they have called a requirement for a real witch. At least K Klein wasnt shouting from the rooftops about his perversion. So its their bad luck that right now, this very month, a deeply broken man from our community is arrested for child pornography. We are sickened that he did damage within the pagan community and that we were silent. Using sex as a way to express power over someone, especially a child, is wrong. It is illegal, it is unhealthy, and it does not belong in the Craft. So yeah, we are speaking up now, louder than all the other times we have protested the Frosts.
    4. I dont know the numbers re staff, but the numbers on the FPG Facebook page make it clear a lot of people are voting with their feet.

    Ejay–this is not a witch war. This is about wanting our community to be the best it can be. No one is asking for the Frosts to be banished or burnt in effigy. We have respectfully asked the FPG organizers to refrain from having them teach…ie to be kept from positions of leadership and authority within the community. We are saying they have not earned those positions. And no one who deliberately hurts others should be tolerated in our community–whether they do so on site, in a book, or via other media.

  3. How is trying to keep people who write about incestuous child abuse in the name of religion from presenting at a family friendly event “starting a witch war”? I’d say it’s “trying to keep the Pagan community at large looking like it supports ritual sex with children” and “keeping creepers away from our children.”

  4. Joy says:

    If I had thought about the way it was considered so ordinary to have the Frosts leading, well, anything, it would have told me so much more about the culture of FPG leadership. Sadly, I had to find that out on my own .

    You see, there was another predator there a few years ago. He was with me for awhile, until I got a warning from another young woman he ‘knew.’ His days past of threats and sexually aggressive behavior, which had gotten him banned only temporarily from festival, were not in the past after all. He was getting worse, not better, and he didn’t care. It couldn’t all be blamed on a change of meds or what have you. I heeded the warning and got him out of my life, posthaste and permanently.

    Or so I thought.

    With the woman’s permission, I forwarded a screen cap of some of his text conversation, in which he bragged about a sexual violation. It wasn’t enough to get him in trouble with the law, but it should have been enough to attract the attention of the FPG board member I sent it to. I added ‘You cannot sweep this under the rug.’

    She ignored me and brought the predator as her very own guest. He drove a staff golf cart. He made violent threats toward a number of women. He threatened the fire tenders, which was still not enough to get him kicked off the premises but was enough to get him permanently banned at last.

    And yet, when I mentioned what a bad idea it was to bring him in the first place, I was banned from staff for a year.

    You should have told us privately, said another board member. ‘We would have listened.’ Well, I had already tried that, and the results were not spectacular.

    Here is my point: the current controversy over the Frosts being at FPG is really not a new issue. It’s an old one. It’s all about speaking out in favor of safety and being ignored or even punished. It’s about people in positions of leadership who don’t have a heart for the vulnerable.

    Noticing and commenting on this years-long trend doesn’t make me a Debbie Downer. Calling out the Board’s negligence is not ‘drama.’ Calling for changes doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the staff and all they have done. It means I expect better from a group I used to call my community. I could call it that again, after a drastic change in leadership.

  5. Jen says:

    Stop lying. You never sent me any emails or texts of anything with regards to YOUR EXBOYFRIEND who i was friends with. Why dont you also mention your issue with me? You slept with my husband, i forgave you and then you did nothing but treat me with suspicion and disdain. If youre going to bw on a soapbox at least be honest about it.

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