Florida Pagans Brace for Hurricane Isaac and ‘Legitimate Rape’


August 25, 2012
by Aequitas

MIAMI–Conditions on Saturday morning across South Florida include overcast skies and alternating light to moderate bouts of rainfall as named Tropical Storm Isaac makes its steady approach toward Florida and the Keys. Residents awoke to find a sea change in forecasting, with the previously loosely-organized system gaining strength. A Hurricane Warning is now in effect for the Keys and a Hurricane Watch for Miami-Dade County. Monroe and Pascoe Counties are now under a state of emergency.

The hurricane is also generating a storm in the national media surrounding the Republican National Convention, taking place in Tampa on Monday, August 27 through Thursday, August 30. Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments set off a national firestorm of controversy, with some observing the latest quip as part of a larger pattern of ignorant, anti-women sentiments deeply held by certain leaders in the GOP. Late night talk show host David Letterman joked during his monologue the hurricane befalling the convention was, “proof God is a woman.” Some Pagans aren’t necessarily kidding when they say Orisha Oya may be bringing her wrath upon the RNC.

Hurricane conditions are not deterring GOP protesters who are already making their way to the bay area and are planning rallies outside, regardless of storm conditions. However, our less fortunate neighbors to the south would relish in the luxury of being able to stay inside a hotel during a storm. Haiti still has 45,000 citizens living in tents, and the already ravaged country is in the midst of the throes of Isaac today. International aid groups are scurrying to help Haiti through another environmental disaster.

Stay tuned to Florida PNC for updates on Pagan perspectives on the hurricane and RNC convention, as long as the power and Internet are available!


  1. Blessings of safety to all those affected by the storm!

  2. I’ve long wondered : if we can spend so much money as a nation on researching and requiring building codes for earthquake resistant buildings, why have we never (that I’ve found) done any such work on Hurricane resistant buildings?

    Good luck during this coming week to all.

    P.S. I won’t complain if the GOP Convention is shifted to the shabbiest and flimsiest warehouse Tampa has. Too bad our own Robber Baron in the Maine governor’s office isn’t going to attend.

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