Southern Ouroboros Lunarfest: Rekindling the Old, Evoking the New


by Aequitas
August 14, 2012

Nestled within 5,000 acres of pine forest and rolling hills of Hard Labor Creek State Park, a magical sanctuary will be calling all Pagans, ritualists and kindred spirits during the weekend of September 27–30 as the inaugural 2012 Southern Ouroboros Lunarfest commences.

The Thursday–Sunday festival and log cabin camping retreat held in North Georgia is attracting interest beyond the Peach Tree State. Pagans from Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee have already registered to attend. Workshops, drum circles, communal rituals, magical empowerment, and renewal with nature are some of the experiences the organizers are promising. There is also a meal plan available, so attendees from afar don’t have to trudge (or fly) food provisions into the campsite.

Registration is available online, and you can also visit the Southern Ouroboros Lunarfest main website at

Florida PNC was able to get an exclusive interview with Rayna Templebee, Registraton Maven and Instigator of the September 27–30 Soul-Fest.

Rayna says, “Some folks already know about the new/old festival that is happening in the mountains of north Georgia during the full moon of September. For 20+ years we gathered at Hard Labor Creek State Park to celebrate the formerly known Southern Pagan Rennaisance Lunarfest on a very special piece of land, with a very special group of spirits in human form. When I ended up on this land last summer, I felt a call to create a space for the tribe to gather again, and to grow with new friends and new experiences.”

“We also have a Facebook Page as well as our lovely website ( which you can visit to see more information about what is planned. We have a potent mix of the familiar and the brand new—we are adding a Steampunk High Tea and Ouroboros Dance Main Ritual to our favorite Tea Dance, Communal Feast, and stellar workshops. All of us have grown, we have travelled and honed our skills and its time to gather together for magick under the full moon!”

“You can find the registration form on the website, and prices go up after August 31st. We have a wonderful line up of workshops and are starting to list our vendors—this is a community event and we need everyone to share what they can bring to our collective table. Everyone is welcome to teach and jump in! There is no Hierophant and the man behind the curtain is you!”

Stay tuned to Florida PNC as updates on the festival will be forthcoming.


  1. Seems like site is down. I am really looking for the info on possible day passes or over night stays.

  2. Aequitas says:

    I’ve notified the webmaster of the site. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Aequitas says:

    The website is back online.

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