Pagans React to IKEA and Apple Environmental Practices


What does the destruction of 600-year old trees in the Karelia forest in Northwestern Russia have to do with Florida?

These rare ecological treasures are being carved up and turned into furniture by a company with three huge showrooms in Florida. And it’s from a corporation you might not have suspected is synonymous with environmental recklessness – IKEA., a movement of consumers, workers and shareholders attempting to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations, is making the IKEA controversy their featured campaign this month.

Lady Bridget, a High Priestess from South Florida commented, ”This is highly upsetting to me, especially because I shop at IKEA and they do advertise themselves as being ecologically conscious and sustainable.”

The story broke on May 29th in the United Kingdom’s The Guardian. Quoting the story, “Protect the Forest Sweden, a nature conservation organisation, has documented that Ikea, through Swedwood, clear-cut areas of old-growth forest containing 200-600 year-old trees in the northwest of Karelia, near the Finnish border, a process that is having deep ramifications on the invaluable forest ecosystems.” is very close to its goal of 100,000 protest e-signatures, which it wants to send to IKEA CEO Mikael Ohlsson. To participate in the campaign, visit their website here.

The evolving story of Apple first removing their products from EPEAT environmental certification, then doing an about face this week due to consumer outrage, shows signs that corporations are responsive to external pressures. Apple operates 16 stores in Florida alone, and numerous more cellular phone outlets carry the ubiquitous iPhone.

Another South Florida Pagan commented, “I do hope IKEA sees what’s recently happened to Apple, and that they do live up to their environmental claims.” has recently questioned if Apple’s nice-sounding statements are in fact somewhat hollow. They have failed to make good on a pledge to run its data centers using only renewable energy, and EPEAT certification isn’t possible for some of their up and coming products, such as the MacBook Pro Retina.

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