Ft. Lauderdale Tequesta Drum Circle & Tallahassee Midsummer Ritual


June 21, 2012
Event Updates

FT. LAUDERDALE–Much to everyones surprise and relief, the Tequesta Drum Circle postponed their June 20th midsummer drum circle due to major rainstorm activity in South Florida on the solstice.

One of the coordinators posted on the Tequesta Facebook® event page that, “In the 7 years we have been doing the circle this is the first time we have had to do this. Even though we have been very lucky with missing other rain storms this one we can’t seem to avoid. So the new day is Friday June 29th. Since we have to move it, it may as well be on a Friday ♥. Hope this works out for you. I too ♥ to dance in the rain but…..the drums Hate it!” 

Though there are some folks who are a bit upset, or who showed up at the site not knowing the event was cancelled, it appears the vast majority of community responses has been appreciative of the new Friday, June 29th date change. You can visit the official Tequesta Drum Circle page here.


TALLAHASSEE–The Red Hills Pagan Council is offering their seasonal Midsummer Ritual to celebrate Litha in an open community event.

The Midsummer Ritual Facebook® event page says, “This year Litha will be held at the Dogpile In the Woods, we’ll gather at 10:30am for an 11:00am ritual. It’s hot out there folks, we’re starting early! Join us as we celebrate the return of the Light to the land. Bring plenty of cold water, a blanket, bug spray, and a pot-luck dish to share. Date: June 23rd, Time: 10:30am, ritual at 11:00am. Bring: Potluck dish to share.”

Enjoy the solstice festivities and have a blessed Litha!

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