Summer Solstice and Astrological Insights with Jeffrey Brock


Happy Summer Solstice! For this post we have a very special guest author Jeffrey Brock who will offer astrological portends for the coming summer season. 

by Jeffrey Brock
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice if you live south of the equator) is occurring this year on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 at 7:10pm EDT.

Here we are at the height of the year in terms of solar movement (provided you live in the northern hemisphere). The ancients always knew this day as “Mid-Summer” as their idea was that the summer season actually began at the beginning of May (Beltane). Summer Solstice then became, “Mid-Summer” and Lammas (July 31st – August 1st) becomes the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn.

From the ancient peoples perspective, the Equinoxes, Solstices and what they called the ‘Cross-Quarter Days’ were all ‘Holy’. The Cross-Quarter Days are when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of the Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) signs…so we actually have ‘Sacred’ time at 0 degrees of the Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and 15 degrees of the Fixed signs. Each point is 45 degrees (about 45 days apart) from the next and relates to the ancient Wiccan calendar which predates the Judean/Christian orientation by many thousands of years. The traditional dates for these festivals follow:

  • Candlemas = February 2nd (Cross-quarter)
  • Spring Equinox = March 21st
  • Beltane = May 1st (Cross-quarter)
  • Mid-Summer = June 20th
  • Lammas = August 1st (Cross-quarter)
  • Autumn Equinox = September 23rd
  • Samhain = October 31st (Cross-quarter)
  • Yuletide = December 21st

The Summer Solstice (Mid-Summer) was traditionally celebrated with… a big bonfire to protect them from evil spirits which were commonly believed to roam more freely once the sun turned south once again…after the summer solstice until the winter solstice. Not so many buildings and lights in those days to obstruct our view of the surrounding landscape! It must have been quite a sight to have bonfires burning from hilltop to hilltop. The celebration usually started on the previous evening at sunset…hence the name of Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, written somewhere between 1590 and 1596.

Part of the fun was rolling a wheel up to the top of a hill and then rolling it back down again. Thus, obviously, signifying the sun rising to the highest point of its yearly cycle and then after a brief pause, moving back down to its lowest point…at the winter solstice on about December 21st. Some people picked the golden-flowered midsummer plants, Calendula, and St. John’s Wort, which were believed to be at their peak for healing powers at this time.

The celebrations at the solstices was actually a few days long because, if you’ll refer to the declination of the Sun in a good ephemeris, the Sun’s declination ‘hovers’ for a few days at each solstice. This year, the Sun ‘hovers’ at its maximum declination of 23 degrees and 26 minutes North from Tuesday, June 19th until Friday, June 22nd. These are all the longest days of the year in the northern hemisphere. The ancient people thought that this was a time of year when the Sun was ‘stopped’ in the sky.

As Christianity made its way into more traditional (Wiccan) areas, midsummer celebrations were translated into new Christian holidays, which resulted in a mixing of the newer Christian traditions with the traditions of the older local Midsummer festivities. So, this is how Midsummer morphed into the Christian festival of St. John’s Eve. Happy and Joy-filled Solstice! It’s the real reason we celebrate the season.

The Element/Quality Balance

The Element/Quality balance in a chart indicates something of what could be termed the underlying ‘tide of affairs’. For the count, this writer has only used the planets (including Chiron) and has counted each planet equally.

The Elemental balance of the planets this solstice comes out like this: One planet in Fire signs, two planets in Earth, three planets in Air and five planets in Water signs.

The Quality balance comes out as: Six planets in Cardinal signs, no planets in Fixed and five planets in Mutable signs.

Well, this season we have a clear winner for the Quality/Element balance. It’s the Cardinal Water sign of the zodiac – Cancer. To this writer, this suggests that it’s time to pay more attention to what we are feeling. Experiencing the emotions provides us with an opportunity to own where we really are within. Unprocessed emotions often are the basis of psycho-somatic problems. Coming into balance with these emotions opens the door to renewed happiness and joy. Family time and activities around home and hearth are also suggested.

As A Whole

Charts for the Solstices and the Equinoxes have always been done to provide the astrologer with a view to the season.

This year, the Sun is beginning to form a T-Square formation with the Sun (00Cancer00’) opposed Pluto (08Capricorn29’) and square (90 degrees apart from) Uranus (08Aries20’). Uranus being at the base of the T formation is the release point of this powerful planetary picture. This suggests that we are all in for a wild ride ahead! Better buckle your seat belts! This formation will perfect on June 29th. Expect the unexpected. A somewhat stressful and surprising time will be had by all.

The swift moving Moon (15Cancer06’) is approaching Mercury (23Cancer12’) and is in its New phase, the new moon having just occurred on Tuesday, June 19th at 11:02am EDT. The moon’s condition in the solstice chart certainly suggests both that 1) new projects are ready to begin and 2) we all want to be ready to soon receive lots of new and exciting ideas this summer season.

Pluto (08Capricorn29’) has been slowly entering Capricorn, especially since the end of 2008. All the while, he’s been waiting for the square now pending with Uranus (08Aries20’). This square (90 degrees apart) between Uranus and Pluto takes place from June 2012 through March 2015 suggesting (most forcefully) that it’s time for a collective transformation and a purging of the old and worn out modes of doing business.

Notice the grid-chart below of the dates and zodiacal positions of this major upcoming planetary dance. Times are noted in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


Time – GMT































So, referring to the above dates/positions it would certainly appear that June and September are going to be very interesting months this year pertaining to this major celestial show. If we step back slightly, let’s say that the second half of 2012 will be very interesting.

The Big Picture

As has been stated previously (in this edition and others), the celestial events from 2007/2008 through 2015 are truly something to marvel at. Those lucky few who have attended classes this writer has held in the last few years have heard about these major planetary movements. For the benefit of those who are perhaps new to this conversation, allow me now to expound briefly on the three significant cycles that are playing a part of this momentous time we have the dubious pleasure of living through! J

Pluto Moves Into Capricorn – January & November 2008. Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2023. To gain some understanding of the slower moving planets and their cycles, it is always a good idea to consider what was going on historically the last time a planet did this or that. The last time Pluto entered Capricorn was January 7th, 1762 and remained there until January 1778. To put this in some context, the Seven Years War was fought between Britain and France from 1756 until 1763. This war put Britain into deep debt. George III was crowned King in 1760 and acquired Buckingham Palace in 1762. Britain’s main source of income, outside of the homeland was the East India Company known for trading in tea. By 1763 however, the East India Company was trading mostly in opium! The other unofficial source of revenue by the company was the slave trade. The company was given rights to sell tea to the American colonies tax free which undercut the colonies prices, which lead to the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773…directly creating the ground swell for the American Revolution in 1776.

As we all know, the economy crashed in 2008 as rumors of the now famous ‘sub-prime’ mortgage scandal (which had been circulating since 2007) hit Wall Street like a sledge hammer. Officially the “recession” lasted from December 2007 until June 2009, however most people would consider that the so called ‘recovery’ has only applied to the 1%. News reports of huge corporate and bank bail-outs by our debt-ridden federal government and accompanying enormous corporate paychecks along with the continuing foreclosure and unemployment crisis has made for a great deal of public anger on all sides of the political spectrum.

Uranus Moves into Aries – May 27th, 2010 & March 11th, 2011. Uranus will remain in Aries until May 15th, 2018 & March 6th, 2019. The last time Uranus moved into Aries was March 31st, 1927 & January 13th, 1928. All this writer has to say about this cycle was Boom and Bust! That last cycle lasted until Uranus moved into Taurus which was June 6th, 1934. The ‘Roaring 20’s’ were over and the rise of fascist dictators was afoot leading to World War II. The planet Pluto was first discovered on February 18th, 1930.

Uranus and Pluto Make Aspect – Uranus and Pluto conjuncted (met in the sky) on October 1st, 1965. This was the defining planetary aspect of the 1960’s until the early 1970’s. Hippies, riots on college campuses and on the streets, the birth control pill, the women’s liberation movement, the civil rights movement, communes & ashrams, ideas of re-cycling and solar energy all became prominent at the time. “Tune in, turn on and drop out” became a motto of many young people in America at the time as a reaction to their disgust with American corporate culture and the ongoing war in Vietnam.

These two slow moving outer planets are now moving into a first quarter square (90 degrees apart). The first exact square will occur on June 24th, 2012 and will continue moving in and out of exactness until the last exact square on March 17th, 2015.

We can already see many of these themes being played out once again on the world stage now. Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, the Arab Spring and the Euro nightmare have all been and are now making news. People are once again ready to move on-mass into the streets in Egypt and elsewhere.

This writer suggests that with Uranus/Pluto on the eve of their first stressful square, we have only just begun to see the fall-out from what is taking place before our very eyes. The suggestion is that these cycles/changes taking place now will dwarf virtually anything to be seen even in our children’s lifetimes.

Obviously, from even a brief glance at these cycles, just one of them would be enough to create a good deal of chaos within society, especially when we consider their historical significance. Now we have all three of these cycles coming back around within the short time frame of 2008 until 2015. If, as many experts in this area of study suggest, we include some time period before and after the exact dates to ‘frame’ the period…let’s say from 9/11/2001 until about 2019/2020. These dates are suggested because in 2000/2001 the planets Saturn and Pluto reached opposition. On January 12th, 2020, this same pair will meet in conjunction at 22 Capricorn 45’ and bring this cycle to a close. In other words, we will all be able to pick up the pieces and move on somewhere around that time frame…hopefully!

In Closing

Stay tuned for the next edition of The Transitional Times on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012. As always, I’m available for private consultation by appointment. If more specific information is what you’re looking for, please contact me (Jeffrey Brock) directly for a personal consultation by calling me at 305-279-2569 or e-mail me to schedule your appointment. You may also contact me by visiting my website at

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